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There are many types of bonsai leaves that are sold on the sell nowadays. The Ficus bonsai doesn’t belong with the register of the best promotion bonsais for nothing. First, it is obviously miniscule so pruning is easier for the gardener especially for a beginner.

Second, it is great to keep within. In verity, it is more beneficial for the stand to defer within sooner than outside.

The Ficus bonsai has many types : The Golf Ball Ficus (or the so-called Ficus Benjamina), Root Over Rock Ficus, Chinese bonsai, Taiwan Ficus (this is also called the Banyan Fig), The Curved Shaped Trunk, and many more.

Here are a few tips in nurture your Ficus Bonsai:

1. Just like most bonsais, the Ficus likes to keep itself dry in between your waterings. If you want, you can trace the soil daily to be able to establish if it’s time to water again. If your bonsai has a shake on its outside, buzz the shake and feel the top portion of the soil. One good way of watering this nature of bonsai is to put it in the sink and have the water demolish contact up to its shaft. This should be no longer than 5 to 10 record. Drain afterwards.

2. The Ficus isn’t ‘choosy’ when it comes to its lighting conditions. It could dwell in each a well-lighted place or a partially-lighted one. Others favor to keep their Ficus in fishy areas to guarantee that it is reserved away from the obvious daylight sun. Although chemical fertilizers could be tolerable, the organic ones are most favored.

3. To be able to gauge the dampness around the Ficus, you can use a wetness tray (which has damp pebbles). In the absence of this tray, you can use unadorned tray with gravel and water.

4. Always keep the Ficus within during the iciness period. Be certainly to keep the lodge in a well-lighted quarter during these months.

5. The Ficus should be transferred to a different pot every two time. Repot during springtime and make reliable that ample water is given so that the roots may grow. A word of caution: make solid that it is kept in a suspect locale for a few weeks!

These are chief customs of caring for your Ficus bonsai. What you have is a thing of beauty. Be certain to have enough time and enough passion to care for it.

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ficus bonsai tree: Ficus Bonsai Tree

ficus bonsai tree: Ficus Plant


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